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Our Top 3 Picks for the Best Places to Kayak in Sydney

You may have been recently thinking "this ain't winter weather"... And you weren't alone. Sydney had a winter heat wave, a 14 day streak of blissful weather reminiscent of summery weather. And while many tend to retreat to their winter comforts indoors, this weather is one great reason to dust off the kayak and discover a new spot to get back onto the water and keep active. 

We've decided to share with you our top three favourite places to go kayaking in Sydney, so you can hopefully get inspired to make a little adventure to explore some new hidden gems.


Yes it may feel like the end of the earth to get to, but by golly gosh it's well worth it. You feel as though you've truly left Sydney and entered this slice of paradise living, with palm trees, sandy beaches and a plethora of boats, kayaks and jet skis. There are many launch spots, but we've found you can drive up Snapperman Lane (just off Barrenjoey Rd), where you can drive  up a driveway right onto the beach to unload your gear, then find an all day park nearby (here is link to the boat ramp launch point) .

Paddle across to Great Mackerel Beach, a secluded paradise only accessible by foot or sea, or if you're after an overnight adventure, paddle across to The Basin camping ground where you can see native wildlife.

(photo) View from West Head Beach looking across to Palm Beach headland 

                     Pittwater Palm Beach Mackeral Beach Kayaking  

Nepean River

In the foothills of the Blue Mountains, and about a 1 hour drive from Sydney's CBD, runs the Nepean River. This 100 kilometres river is a kayakers dream, from rugged sandstone cliffs of the Blue Mountains and into the flood plain at Penrith.

The mesmerising colours of the Hawkesbury sandstone cliffs at sunrise and sunset are a real beauty, as is the variety and abundance of bird life. This spot is perfect for novices and touring kayaks, with plenty of distance to cover you can work up a real sweat! And hunger... head over to Cafe at Lewers for a delicious lunch right on the banks of the river. We think it's a beautiful place and well worth the drive. 

Nepean River Kayaking Penrith


Fancy a day of mixed pleasure and mixed physical activity? Pack your sunscreen, hat and water and head off to Manly Wharf where you can launch your kayak right off the harbour side beach, before ascending on a harbour-hugging adventure! Kayak through the moored boats (and not across the Manly Ferry's path!) and follow course around to Little Manly beach, then bounce across to Collins Beach for some maxin' relaxin' in the sun. This locals favourite is a perfect spot to feel like you're in a far away holiday destination.

Cruise in your kayaks along to Store Beach and onto Q-Station, a historic beachside station used back in the 1800's to isolate people suspected to be carrying diseases such as Spanish Influenza. Top off a beautiful morning paddle by heading back to Manly Wharf, and indulge in a top notch pizza from Hugo's Restaurant. (Hot tip: Try to snag an outdoor table overhanging the water for the ultimate setting to top off your day).

Store Beach Q-Station Collins Beach Little Manly Bay Kayaks

And that's it! We know you might have your favourite spots, whether you are willing to share them with us is up to you! But we figure the more the merrier, and hope you've discovered a place you haven't yet visited. Make sure you always take food & water, and slap on that sunscreen so you feel watered, fed and not sunburnt at the end of your paddle.

If you've read this and keen to explore but don't yet have your own kayak, head over to our shop and grab yourself a kayak from just $349: www.baykayaks.com.au

Love the Team @BayKayaks 

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